What should I do, if someone is not returning my money as promised?

A civil case is a lawsuit that one person or business brings against another. It usually deals with things like non-payment of debt and negligence acts that result in property damage or injury to another person, like a car accident. When someone files a civil lawsuit, they're generally looking for money to compensate them for something that has gone wrong. It's important to understand that a civil lawsuit is not the same as a criminal lawsuit. The police will not be involved, and no one is going to be arrested if they don't show up to the court hearing. There are, however, some potentially serious consequences if you ignore the court paperwork.

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How to File Case in Consumer Forum / Consumer Court (Direct)

If you have a valid point, valid proof and valid reason that company cheated on you. You can go direct Consumer Court. But you should aware that legal proceeding will take upto 1 to 2 years max for your case, however it will depend on current situation of case and government policies. If you have time and can go to consumer court then go.

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How to File Case in Consumer Helpline / Consumer Court (Online) ?

If you report an issue with your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Television, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave, Company may facilitate scheduling a technician visit to your location. If after technical visit you face same issue. You can ask your money refund or new product from company.

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